The Last Word

Hey guys! I hope you all have had a great week! This is my final post on this blog so I hope you enjoy it.

Now that we have come to the end of the college semester it is a perfect time to reflect on the last 11 weeks. Personally, I have learned quite a bit. From the popularity of the bildungsroman in Victorian literature to the importance of referencing work by other artists in this module, English and New Media covers a wide range of areas.

Out of all the modules I have taken this semester I feel that TW4006- Writing for the Media was one of the most beneficial. It is a module which takes the importance of online culture into account. Knowledge of this online movement is of paramount in our world today.

I have learned how to create a blog and write blog posts, as well as how to make a website (something which I though I was far too computer illiterate to do). Both of these tasks I found pretty enjoyable. I can really see myself creating more online content in the future, be that as a hobby or a job.

Anyway, it is time for me to sign off. One last thought; the world is moving online, I suggest you join it!


A Final Escape

Hey Guys! I hope you all had a great week!

So we are on the home stretch. It has creeped up on us pretty quick! This week has been spent finishing readings, namely Jane Eyre and Great Expectations so I can start writing my dreaded end of semester essays.

As well as the essays I must create a website for this module. This is proving to be slightly tedious. Having said this, I am glad we are learning a skill that is directly applicable to our future. After all, we are living in the 21st century and the internet isn’t going anywhere any time soon!

Before I begin these essays and get finishing this semester I am just going to hop over to Barcelona for a quick weekend. I am visiting the families I stayed with and the school I taught in during my co-op placement. The featured image is a snap I took of the town I lived in. The excitement is real!

This is my penultimate blog post. I will talk to you next week for the last time. I will probably in the middle of a mental breakdown but what can you do!

Let me know what you think of this week’s post. I hope all you college students enjoy your last week or two of sanity before exams start.

The Calm Before the Storm

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great week.

Looking back on this week I actually have nothing much to say. Having nothing to say, WOW that is strange for me! I am glad to write that I am on top of everything work wise. This is great because from next week on will be a bit hectic.

We are heading into the final weeks of our Spring semester here at UL. This is a crazy thought, it feels like only two weeks ago I was blogging about being back here. Over these last few weeks I have 3 2,00 word essays due (that I can think of) and a website to make. That isn’t including the smaller assignments from week to week. God help me.

This week in writing for the media we looked at examples of bad websites. After the tutorial I felt like I needed to close my eyes for a while, just to give them a rest from the travesties I saw. From psychedelic religious sites to overwhelming (in terms of info) electrical sites these sites were just awful.

I did enjoy the task of discussing what is needed to make an effective, navigable website. I felt this was extremely relevant to my studies. I also feel in this ever digitising world we should all know what goes into making a successful website.

I found this video on YouTube about website design. Have a look at it if you are interested: Tips on web design- YouTube

Let me know what you thought of this week’s blog. Talk to you next week!

Group Projects

Hi everyone! I hope you have all had a good week.

The title of this week’s post is enough to in-still fear and dread into the soul of any university student. In fact, I am probably shooting myself in the foot with this title because I doubt anyone wants to read about group projects.

Anyway, I mentioned in my post last week that I had to do an in- class presentation with two of my fellow students for my post- colonial literature module. We presented on Sara Suleri’s Meatless Days, which I actually enjoyed reading. Presenting on this book however, was another kettle of fish.

Unfortunately the group dynamic was quite abysmal, in that almost all the workload fell on me. I am sure many of you can empathise. Not only that, but 45 minutes before the presentation one of the members of our group informed us that he was not going to attend the presentation, due to a ‘sudden illness’. This of course led to panic on my part, as if presenting in front of your peers isn’t nerve wracking enough!

I let the tutor know about our position and she was very understanding, thankfully! She allowed us to present only on the slides we created so we did not have to worry about our absent member’s slides. To quote my tutor “leave his slides and group- working skills up to me”, I would not like to be him right now. All things considered the presentation actually went quite well.

So a little tip for all of you tearing your hair out over group projects: if there is a member with is not pulling their weight, or is difficult to work with let your tutor/ lecturer/ teacher know.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post. Let me know if you did.

Talk to you next week!

Back to Reality

I cannot believe it is week seven already! I have just returned from a few days in Edinburgh so I have been trying to catch up on the classes that I missed on Thursday and Friday. Luckily I decided to take the trip at the end of RaG week. If you are an Irish university student then you know that I don’t have much to catch up on thankfully.

Nothing can bring you back down from the clouds after a weekend away with friends like a group presentation can. This week I am working on a group presentation with two other students. We are presenting on an autobiography called Meatless Days for my colonial and postcolonial literature module. I actually quite enjoyed reading this book. It is about Sara Suleri, a Pakistani woman basically writing about her life growing up post colonial Pakistan. She and her family encounter many obstacles as a result of her race and gender which she writes about beautifully.

The presentation material may be captivating for me which is great, but unfortunately my two fellow colleagues seem less than enthusiastic to complete this presentation. Hopefully they will pull it together before Monday when we will present. Otherwise my tutor will have to make due with my ten minute portion of what should be a 30 minute presentation!

If I have sparked your interest in Meatless Days you can purchase it on Amazon . You can buy it on iTunes too if you would prefer the electronic version that you can take with you anywhere on your iPhone, MacBook or iPad.

Let me know if you enjoyed this week’s post. Remember I always welcome comments, I love to hear from you!

Talk to you later!

Time To Relax

So week six has arrived and with it RaG week. Everyone is happy and chilled out.

Having had two essays as well as a group presentation to complete over the last few weeks, this week is proving to be quite a relaxing week overall. It is exactly what I need! In TW4006 we did not have to prepare anything for the tutorials and I found the lab and lecture topics pretty interesting which is a bonus. In the labs we focused on HTML and once you get over the initial compulsion to throw the computer out the window because nothing seems to be working it is actually not that bad. Eventually I got the hang of it and it became quite satisfying to just mess around with.

The area of ethics was discussed in our lecture this week. I found this quite interesting, mostly from the point of view that every country has its own ethical system that may be unique to that area. However what happens when it comes to the online world where country boundaries do not play a major role, what code of ethics should the internet follow?

With it being RaG week everyone is in a positive mood and some of my lectures and tutorials have been cancelled. I have been gifted with a form of mid- term break this week which has given me the opportunity to breath before heading into the second half of the semester all guns blazing!

Let me know how your week went! Talk to you next week.

Copyright: How Have I Not Already Been Sued?!

This week in TW4006 we learned about copyright. To my surprise this is a surprisingly interesting area yet also pretty terrifying! From listening to our two lectures on copyright and by doing research for our tutorials I am shocked that me and/or none of my friends have unintentionally found ourselves in court. Whether it is downloading or streaming movies for free, listening to music on free apps or posting pictures that we did not capture to social media the majority of us can be accused of copyright infringement in one sense or the other. But there is no need to go running to the Garda Station pleading you didn’t know what you were doing just yet. Nor will you be facing Beyonce or Drake’s legal teams for listening to music for free anytime soon.

In saying this copyright seems to be the foundation which supports an immense number of careers. It is an integral part of several industries from entertainment, to education, to the art world. Without it thousands of artists, creators, authors etc. would be exploited everyday, denied of their right to profit from their creations. So really copyright is our friend even if it means we have to pay iTunes 20 Euro to download Lady Gaga’s new album.

If you would like to know more about copyright then I would recommend you watch this video which I came across on YouTube;

Other than learning about copyright this week has been pretty standard. We are well into the semester now, it is slightly scary that we are in week 5 already! I better get off this computer and get planning my Victorian and Colonial literature essays!

A parting word of advice (via Meme Creator)




One Year On- Back to UL

Settling back into university life here in Limerick was a slightly bigger task this semester because I was not only coming back from the long Christmas break but from a year spent abroad on co-op placement and Erasmus. Although it is a change to be back it is a change which I am happy to embrace. I feel a sense of relief having returned to a system which is familiar to me and where everyone speaks English (I spent my year in Barcelona and Geneva).

This module (writing for the media) was my first lecture of this semester and I must admit I was quite apprehensive going into this introductory lecture. In the second semester of second year I studied the module technical writing which I did not enjoy, from my interpretation of the module codes this module would be a continuation of technical writing which caused this apprehension. However after the lecture I was put quite at ease and I gained a positive outlook regarding this module.

From the first lecture I gathered that this module will be practical and applicable to the world of the media which is where my interests lie. The aspect of the course that appeals to me most is the blogging assignment. I have recently set up my own blog and I am enjoying the ‘whole blogging’ experience immensely. While this blog is quite different to my own blog I believe this assignment will prove valuable when it comes to improving my blog and therefore enabling me to reach a greater audience.

As can be expected this week came with many anxieties due to the daunting prospect of the assignments that are required to pass each of my six modules. It is important to bear in mind that these assignments will be completed over a fourteen week period, if I do not remind myself of this the thought of having to complete them all becomes overwhelming.

Overall I feel that I have chosen the right modules to study this semester; they all interest me in varying degrees and I can see myself enjoying aspects of all of them. I hope your modules are captivating for you, let me know what modules you are taking!